Thursday, July 10, 2014

Au Courant

Your clocks are not late nor advance. You can even check your calendars and still yes, we're on the same year, 2014.

For the first time in forever, I was up to date with my blog post!
If you have been my faithful reader (Thank you! *kisses) you might already know the rules here, I ALWAYS POST LATE. Every blog post I publish is a backlog and this time, I'm aiming for a change. *coughs for the big word

No actually, I had my bangs grown the beginning of the year.
My last haircut (Do I mean, just bangs cut? Lol) was November 2013. I've been through side bangs for three months and finally, the red sea was parted beginning of summer.

I've always dreamed this kind of hairstyle. I have planned this when I finished college since I think I'm too old for bangs already. 

Unto my outfit, since this is my first post with this kind of hair, I want you to look at this as something formal and structured yet subtle so I decided to match it with pieces that's clean and crisp: a good pair of dark high-waist pants and a cut out crop to balance the buoyancy and sternness. 

What do you think? Comment it down!

Cut-out crop top: Uyanguren
High-waist pants/ jeggings: Dress Code
Bag: Michel Klein


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Snoe Beauty comes to D!

“Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.” 
― Gwyneth Paltrow

Last Sunday, I was honored to be one of the beauty bloggers who were invited by Snoe Beauty Inc. during their launching event at Abreeza Mall.

Most often than not, makeup brands had a tick on my head that everything I use is imported. I mean, seriously, let's admit the fact that we are only not after the quality of the brand but might as well in terms of our "trust" to their names. Honestly, I never ever heard about Snoe Beauty before, because as what I mentioned, international brands are more popular and more trustworthy. Not until this makeup brand was brought to Davao and I had the chance to personally see their products.

When you're a first time customer like me, the first ever thing you will notice (and be prepared to be amazed) is their cute packaging! I love how Jen Diaz's (CEO/ Owner of Snoe Beauty) creative juices were intensively squeezed. Try to imagine how she could come up not just a vintage-inspired concept for the design but also a humorous name of a product that will definitely entice you!

Jen Diaz was never a Dermatologist nor she became a Chemist. According to her, she was just a plain businesswoman who had big dreams and a great passion for beauty was her drive to establish her own local brand in the beauty atmosphere.

Another thing that I love about Snoe Beauty is that they were able to cater the needs of each Filipina every now and then. As Jen Diaz is a Filipina herself, she tries her best to come up with a product that deals with every girl's problem. They make sure they come up with a new product every week, That's quick! The Slim Shade Me bronzer for an instance (which happened to be my favorite), is not just your ordinary contouring bronzer! I've always been a fan of contours ever since my face started bloating but little did I know that there existed a product that can't only provide me a facial contour each time, it also had an element that makes your face slimmer in no time! So the more you use it, the more it literally slims down your face. Amazing, isn't it?

I'm glad how a local brand could come up with such amazing products like these. I could finally say, there's a brilliant brand that finally became your bestfriend and is ready to solve almost all of your skin, hair and face issues!

So I think I'll prolly stop here. I won't spoil you too much about their products so you yourself could try them on personally!
Visit their website or just check the store near you!


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