Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Pastry, Cakes, Desserts

Best selling truffles!

Mango yogurt!

If my blogpost title sounds familiar to you, then be proud because you have already encountered the most delectable homemade treat in Mindanao!

I've been eyeing this local confectionery shop ever since and never attempted to look at inside. Hence, last October 16 the brilliant owner of Mix N' Magic invited me to a re-opening event in their Gmall branch.

I was too surprised that most of their food was astonishingly cheap yet delightful that I would like to buy all! Lol
A pleasure for taste buds and the bliss in the eye is just a plus.

The shop have been running for already 18 years that originated in General Santos City. Davao Branch had started 4 years ago. And now had multiple branches in the island including their main branch in Torres St. and here in Gmall.

So go and get some treat at any Mix N' Magic branch near you!


Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Badboy in Tokyo

Photos by: Raphil Saguan

I've been receiving endless requests of readers' anticipation of me blogging about my recent trip and I'll start this off by my first outfit post in Japan.
Yes, you've heard it right. I was in Japan!

Lemme start this off with an icky gross drama LOL

Some (if not all) of my closest friends knew exactly how my life turned upside down by the start of 2014. I've been in my darkest hours (that I need not to mention in this blog anymore lol pardon me) and I've been seeking answers from this dilemma. I consider it as the biggest failure of my life. Given the situation, I made drastic changes, took risks and in the end, I happily survived (kinda).

So before I reach a point of receptacle of emotions, I'm happy to announce that I finally had my partial answers, and this counts as one; my Japan experience for free. Yes, you've read it right, FOR FREE!

The moment the Jenesys 2.0 program emailed the acceptance letter to me, I was in bliss and the first thing that came to my mind was the fall outfits that I could bring and wear. Lol

I'm a forever light traveler. Even to the point where I won't pack clothes anymore but rather bring the necessities. My reason? I would go shopping anyway. So basically, I did. And did you know that all of the items I'm wearing in my outfit are all thrifted? *wink

So yeah, unto my outfit: I knew this is really not my style though but I wanted to get out from my comfort zone and wear snapbacks! I decided to wear the autumn basics: plaids, greens and browns while walking around the streets of Tokyo on my first day. What do you think?


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