Thursday, January 29, 2015

Yosi Samra Holiday Collection

I, myself, will surely catch an eye for flats based on my personality.
And for a thin and light footwear, durability have always been a problem.
Finally, Yosi Samra rescued.

So this is how the story goes,
Yosi Samra was destined to be a shoemaker. As a young man, he was no stranger to the shoe industry. His father owned a shoe factory in New York where Samra worked as an apprentice. This was where he learned not only how to design shoes, but more importantly how to make them. He eventually mastered the craft of shoemaking, which is what sets him apart from other shoe designers.

To date, over 1000 boutiques carry Yosi Samra shoes and accessories across the United States and 85 other countries, including 15 brand shops in Asia and The Middle East. 

Now, as they emerge Davao busy yuppies and teens can't stop craving over these comfort flats that they can almost wear anywhere and in any event they go to.

Thank you Yosi Samra!

Much love, Cham

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

The Burgundy Season

Photos by: Raphil Saguan

Gone are those days of basking for neon splash and electric colors in lieu of the everyday scorching heat and all-year around summer flare madness of my country, Philippines.

As I've mentioned in my previous blog posts, I luckily witnessed one of the most romantic season in the world, Autumn. Contrary to my habitual splashy flashy guise. 

What more could a blogger do most likely do? Take a lot of outfit shots as much as I can, abusing the season! (Thanks Raph for being with me through this)

Perhaps, I may seem a little bizarre about this new trend since it's not in my everyday routine to wear dark hues, and thick clothes. 
And oh, this jacket (I forgot the term) had been living in my closet for years already and seems to have a hard time looking for a perfect timing to show. I'm glad it finally found the perfect season to exhibit. Well, I hoped I pulled off the correct fashion pieces. 
Watcha think?

SM Accessories hat
Local Japanese store 2-layered tights
Wade shoes
Thrifted turtleneck
Greenhills skirt


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